Growing up in West Germany I have called California home for sixteen years now.

With Central European cities and settlements sometimes dating back 1000+ years (my hometown of 13000 people is now officially 750 years old), I am fascinated with the hastily growing cities of California. Built with a seemingly pragmatic pessimism of a nation founded by settlers as opposed to the organic growth occurring over millennia back in my native Germany many structures to me appear to be intended as only semi-permanent.

It is the fringes of cities and inhabited areas that fascinate me the most, the strict demarcation lines between civilization and the vast expanse of land just as much as back alleys where dumpster juice runs across the sun baked asphalt and furniture is left to die. The flotsam and jetsam of a consuming society bathed in the relentless Southern Californian sun that covers anything left out in the open with a bleached photonic patina.


One big part of my work which I passionately pursue is Americana, a lot of which in the shape of classic American cars. It is a longing for the long lost America that I knew and loved growing up in West Germany watching American shows and movies.

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